Cold, faceless facts, that hardly matter when you write about artists, shows that Mitar Subotic - Suba was born on Jun 23 1961 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. He graduated on Academy of Music Arts, on department for composition and orchestration in his hometown. After the graduation he attended a course of electronic music in class of multi- instrumentalist Pol Pinone in Belgrade.

At the very starting point of his carrier, he showed first sight of something that could be called anti-carrier: Every Sunday Suba made new recordings for radio show called "New perspectives - the other side of pop scene in Yugoslavia" (Radio Novi Sad) - hiding his identity for a year! Finally, he explained himself as "Rex Ilusivii" (King of the Illusions). What goals this kind of anti-career, oblique strategy received? The only memory of a man who changed the identity of music and reframed music maps of the world now becomes the wall graffiti "Rex Ilusivii" written on a wall in Novi Sad. The rest is forgotten.

mitar subotic suba - photo unknown

During the '80s Mitar Subotic published demo recordings with well-known guest - stars, like Milan Mladenovic, Massimo Savic, Marina Perazic, Igor Popovic and many others. Acclaimed as a real, authentic over ground star on his way to the top, he was proven as a hit maker by eclectic version of James Brown's "Sex Machine" with Milan Mladenovic, jazzy song "Plava jutra" with Marina Perazic and "Arabia" with Igor Popovic - He couldn't manage to publish any of those hits. Later, when Vita Simurdic from radio Novi Sad managed to persuade him to publish the LP "Disillusioned" there were only 500 copies! There was no more vinyl.

Even now, this record is considered one of the last really well thought concepts of pop/alternative music in Yugoslavia. SubotiŠ rearranged the ways of creating pop music - his work, called "Thanx, Mr.Rorschah" was eclectic, hush noise answer to Erik Saties work, assembled as journey through Rorschach's psycho-tests. That work helped him to make collaboration with Saties fund, and finally he got his chance. He moved to Paris.

In a year of 1988 UNESCO gave him an award for promotion of culture for an installation "Dream bird, In the Moon cage" created with Goran Vejvoda. Installation was something called "Music for the Cities" and it was based on sounds recorded on Madagascar. Only part of this material was published in Brazil in 1994. Part of this work as an inspiration has old Yugoslavian lullabies. He was redrawing music maps once again!

After this installation he throwed away pseudonym Rex Illusivi. Finally, he leaves Europe and stars all over again.

In Sao Paolo, Suba makes music for theater, fashion shows and commercials. At the same time, he sets new standards in approach to music and production. In spring of 1994 with Milan Mladenovic and other friends he made "Angel's Breath" - fascinating amalgamation of Brazilian and Balkan folk motives with bitterness of Milan Mladenovics lyrics. Tragically, this was actually the last cooperation of these two artists who could be considered the greatest artists in this part of the Europe. Milan died in November of 1994.
Since then Suba withdraw himself from public eye of Yugoslavia. He appeared just for one moment when he sent his message to support 1996/1997 demonstrations that were organized by the students of Belgrade University. Sometimes we could hear some news of him, and brilliant albums on which he worked as a producer, arranger and composer. Again he was making an enchanting kind of music. Then demo version of his new album "Sao Paulo Confessions" was sent to Belgrade and it was announcing the most beautiful creation of decade, fabulous bossanova record - created by the man from totally different harmony.

The King was preparing for the inauguration.

In November 1999 came horrible news: Mitar Subotic died in a fire in his studio while he was trying to save original recordings of Bebel Gilberto new album "Tanto Tempo". That is the legend and we didn't want to investigate. Heroic death, chivalry gesture, some would say "an authentic ironic death of music" after which remains only silence.

This web site was made in order to remove that silence.

Salutes to the King.

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