REVIEW: "Angel's Breath"
by Petar Lukovic, "Vreme Zabave" Magazine, No.15, February 1995

It was Destiny's wish: Milan Mladenovic never saw the publishing of his last record. CD "Angel's Breath" appeared in the shops shortly after his death and made the hole project so bizarre that only curse could made it that way.

For those who didn't know, this record was recorded in Brazil and beside Milan Mladenovic (voice, guitar, trumpet, harmonica) also participated Mitar Subotic (keyboards), Joao Parahyba (percussion), Fabio Galfetti (guitar), Taciana Barros (counselor supreme), Marisa Orth (voice), Madalena (voice) and finally Zoran Janjetov and Darko Antic who made appropriate design (and did their part of the job magnificently).


Album Angel's Breath had no relation to band EKV it only represented a conscious way of rejecting the past, leap into something totally unknown and exotic in a world of ambient ethno structures who run away from standards set in rock'n'roll in this part of the world. Presence of Mitar Subotic, already established through his work as Rex Ilusivii, gave this record a kind of fluid frame where all kinds actions and counteractions are possible; and when Brazilians with their own prominence of music came into the game it turn out that Angel's Breath functions like a kind of jam session open for any kind of experience and atmosphere.

With enough dark moods to identify fatal and precise lyrics wrote by Milan Mladenovic this record goes into a kind of light hypnosis and it's so occupied with music structures that are never the same. Voice of Milan Mladenovic used in a totally different way gave the record necessary kind of flavor that you couldn't find on last records of band EKV.
Angel's Breath isn't light, easy going record for listening; it demands attention, participation, it's a record that corresponds with listeners just like listeners correspond with it.

This a kind of record Serbian rock'n'roll never had and I'm afraid that it will never have again since Milan Mladenovic is not longer in this world.
Angel's Breath is sometimes hermetically closed and disastrously dark but it represents the last will of Milan Mladenovic and it reflects the area where he lived and died (for example in a song "Crv" ("The Worm")).

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